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So you can be super mobile


So, I am lying on my couch doing all things of the nothing variety, so to appease my sense of need to do something, I grabbed my win phone 7 mobile and started looking through the apps.

Yep, found the WordPress app in the marketplace and thought, sweet! So I’ve installed it and am making this post from that app.

So my opinion, pretty good, it should have the ability to be used in landscape mode but it works well. And now that I have almost finished this mobile blog update… Guess I had best get off the couch and do something :D
Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone

Migration Complete!!!


Wow, there you go the migration process from windows live to wordpress took a huge 5 minutes and was exceptionally easy :) Couple of clicks and it was all good, kinda nice to know that the transistion is that easy. Of course the interesting fact is the change over from live to wordpress.  Next stage is to set up live writter for it, which looked like it might be just as easy :)

IE 9 Beta Today!!!



image Get it from here:  http://windows.microsoft.com/en-AU/internet-explorer/products/ie-9/home?os=win7&arch=a&browser=ie

I’ve received the following information from Microsoft in regards to IE 9, so I’m posting this while I’m installing it. So once you have it up and running, go here: www.beautyoftheweb.com and have a look, see what IE 9 can do.  I have removed some of the post as it would make no sense to the rest of us :)

____________________________  From Microsoft _________________________________

With Internet Explorer 9, we’ve aimed to achieve four primary goals:

· Speed: creating a browser that takes full advantage of your PC with hardware acceleration across GPU and multi-core CPUs, enabling your code to deliver near-native performance without having to write it differently.

· Standards: supporting the HTML5 technologies that developers and standards bodies tell us are stable enough for vendor implementation, providing a complete implementation of those standards that enables developers to write the same markup for all standards-compliant browsers.

· Site-centric: in IE9, we have a new streamlined interface that allows the site experience to shine through. We’ve worked on enabling web developers to more fully integrate with Windows through “site mode”, which offers the ability to pin a site with dynamic jump lists, custom thumbnail previews, and notification icons.

· Secure: we’ve retained our efforts on ensuring that IE9 protects you from Internet threats, providing users with extra safeguards against malware and phishing sites.

At the event, Dean Hachamovitch will offer an opening keynote that will be streamed live on the web, and then the partner pavilion will open up, demonstrating new IE9 experiences built by partners from around the world. As fellow developer evangelists, I wanted to give you a heads-up on some of those site experiences so you can demonstrate them to your own customers from today.

In terms of site mode, John Richards’ team has worked with some of you and an A-Z of partners to deliver integration with some of the most commonly-accessed experiences on the web. Right now, you can pin live sites like Facebook, Amazon, eBay, CNN, Twitter or WSJ to your Windows 7 taskbar, and you’ll see rich icons, jumplists and notifications in action. Try it out as soon as you download the beta – pin your favorite sites on the web and see how they look.

For HTML5, we’ve worked with a variety of top design agencies, partners and global brands to deliver some stunning experiences that fully take advantage of the hardware acceleration support in IE9. No other browser vendor has pushed the bar for HTML5 as far as we have, and you’ll want to add these demos to your arsenal as soon as possible. A couple of examples that are particular favorites of mine (please don’t share them until 11am Pacific):

· The Killers (http://www.thekillersmusic.com/html5) – one of the biggest rock bands in the world go live with a full IE9-optimized HTML5 site today! Showcasing video, Canvas, WOFF fonts, SVG – this site is full of easter eggs and the band love what IE9 provides.

· Jitterbugs (http://html5.cynergysystems.com) – a game that uses Canvas, SVG, WOFF and audio to deliver an experience that you’d have never been able to do in a browser before IE9. Try it on Chrome – it runs almost hilariously slowly.

· WebVizBench (http://www.webvizbench.com) – a benchmark for HTML5 built with data from KEXP that scales up to even high-end graphical hardware – with video, animations, WOFF and Canvas, you’ll want to try this on your home machine!

· Rough Guides (http://makethemost.roughguides.com/) – this blurs the lines between a web page and a full application, integrating data from Flickr and curated content into a beautiful, zoomable interface.

· Never Mind the Bullets (http://www.nevermindthebullets.com/) – a parallax comic built with HTML5.

· Agent 008 Ball (http://www.agent8ball.com) – a pool game with a spy theme that uses Canvas, audio, WOFF fonts.

· AP Timeline Reader (http://html5.labs.ap.org/) – a news reader with a difference – browse through the articles that you’re interested in reading and add them to a queue; then read them in a clutter-free environment with customizable fonts and high-res photos.

I hope you’ll agree that these are pretty stunning. And of course, all of them can be pinned to the Windows 7 taskbar with hi-res icons.

· And of course, all the demos along with a live stream of the keynote will be live at http://www.beautyoftheweb.com.

Thank you – it’s a beautiful day for the web!

_______________ End copy and paste _______________

End user perspective :)

- Install, easy download, accept and wait :)

I did have some pre-reqs to install (I’m running Win 7 x64) get them here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2399238

2 reboots later from the patches, and we’re away. Ok, promoted on first run to disable addons, interesting, a quick look at this area shows that if my add-ons take longer than 0.2 seconds then I will be prompted to disable them…. sweet, speed speed speed :)

A new look tool bar




Your’s won’t look as cool as mine as I have a batman background but that’s part of the image you see on the right of it.  We have our forward/backward navigation, an address bar to put in out address details and a tab location. All those other buttons have been condensed into the 3 icons on the right, home favourite and tools.

Time for a surf….

There’s no bottom bar, so the browser blends into the task bar, which is quite nice. It’s good, nice and quick there’s more screen real estate to work with as well, with makes for a cleaner view on websites.  And my blog site loads quick!!!

I like. A big enhancement to general web surfing. and it’s only in beta!!! Awesome :)

Tech Ed Week has arrived!!!!




Yes, it’s back again, Tech Ed on the Gold Coast!!!! So this should be one heck of a busy and interesting week. For those who have never attended a Tech Ed, boy, are you guys and girls in for some fun.  You need to head over to the Tech Ed Site (http://australia.msteched.com/default.aspx)  and check out the sessions that are on, if you’re staying more than 10 minutes walk away, you’ve got parking options at the convention centre and you could probably sneak your car into the casino and walk over.

What’s on offer this year, well, I’m going to see if I can check out a lot of the gear that is revolving around Windows phone 7, should be awesome. We have awesome keynote speakers. There is 230 sessions listed on the website, so pick and choose where you’re going well. Here’s a sample list:

  • DEV252 Building Windows Phone 7 Applications in Silverlight
    • Speaker(s): Peter Torr
    • Consistent and predictable user experiences are a core feature of Windows Phone 7, and the application model is a key piece of the puzzle. Windows Phone 7 represents a new approach to smartphone UI, so come and learn how to build innovative new applications that feel right at home on the phone by taking advantage of panoramic views, page-based navigation, tombstoning, and more.
  • DEV280 Getting the Windows Phone 7 User Experience Right
    • Speaker(s): David Powell
    • Understanding the Windows Phone 7 User Experience and the UI Design Language is key to winning consumers and building apps that blend beautifully with the overall Windows Phone 7 experience.  Be you a designer, a developer or both, this session will help you understand what is takes to build a WOW phone experience.
  • DEV354 Shake, Rattle and Roll with Windows Phone 7
    • Speaker(s): Nick Randolph
    • What distinguishes a Windows Phone 7 application from a regular desktop application is that it can make use of the features of the phone. In this session you’ll learn how to initiate tasks to capture photos from the camera, save a phone number, make a call and send an sms. The hardware integration goes much further with built in support for an accelerometer and FM radio tuner. When combined with the rich media aspects of Silverlight on the device, your Windows Phone 7 application will be set to keep you rocking all night long.
  • DEV356 Advanced Windows Phone Services
    • Speaker(s): Nick Randolph
    • Building Windows Phone 7 applications is all about combining the power of Silverlight on the device with services in the cloud. You can offload long running processes to a worker process hosted in Windows Azure, and receive a push notification when it completes. Your application can also leverage the location services to provide more context rich information. This session walks through how you can consumer a number of cloud-based services such as Messenger Connect, Windows Azure storage and OData WCF Data Services from within your Windows Phone 7 application. Of course, this wouldn’t be complete without the mandatory discussion on how to handle connectivity issues, such as caching and synchronization.
  • DEV358 Windows Phone 7 + XNA. Bringing it all together for Games Development.
    • Speaker(s): Chris Walsh
    • Windows Phone 7 + XNA. The partnership you’ve been missing for Game Development. The XNA development platform has been around for years. First started off enabling developers to write games for the Xbox, Xbox360 & Zune devices. Now Microsoft have brought the amazing platform to Windows Phone 7. It enables developers to build extremely powerful and top class games. In this session, Chris will walk you through the constructs of the game template, and show you how to port the classic game in “Pong” to Windows Phone 7 using XNA.
  • DEV359 From Phone Zero to Phone Hero in 60 minutes
    • Speaker(s): Chris Auld, Chris Klug
    • Join Chris Squared (Chris Auld & Chris Klug) from Intergen as they build a real Windows Phone 7 app from scratch in 60 minutes. This is a hard core, dual data projector, coding marathon. Chris and Chris will build a Windows Phone 7 series app including Windows Azure hosted push notifications, a rich Silverlight UI and partner integration. You’ll see how to take an idea from concept to the Windows Phone Marketplace in just an hour. In other words, not your general Hello World application.
  • THGTU03 Dynamics CRM Online and Windows Phone 7: A duet made in the cloud
    • Speaker(s): Dimaz Pramudya
    • Dimaz Pramudya will do a quick lap around building WP7 application that integrates with Dynamics CRM Online. The demo will show how easy it is to build a service that pulls down the data from CRM Online and automatically convert them to JSON format for consumption within the WP7 app. There will be few interesting UX tips and tricks shown during the demo.


I’m thinking Dev 358 is going to be awesome so I hope to see you there.  As you can see, this is just a small sampling of the sessions that are available to those who attend, and don’t forget the after party :)


Welcome Reception

party people

Tuesday, 24 August | 6pm – 9pm | Tech•Ed Expo
Following this year’s Keynote, come along to get to know your fellow Tech•Ed delegates over a casual drink and experience the Microsoft Showcase. It’s the perfect opportunity to see how Microsoft products fit into a range of everyday, real-life scenarios. The Showcase will cover:

  • ManCave – a technology filled room every man (or woman) wishes they could have, featuring Xbox 360, Xbox Live, IE8 and
    Windows 7
  • Developer Central – everything to get the developer in you totally excited, featuring MSDN and Azure
  • Tech Central – for the IT Pros among you, featuring Windows Server 2008 R2, Hyper-V Live Migration, Remote FX, Clustering, System Centre Virtual Machine Manager, plus loads more
  • Conference – the ultimate room for government and enterprise industries, featuring Sharepoint, Communicator, Office Suite, BPOS, SQL Server, CRM and Windows Phone 7
  • On the Move – all the latest technologies to keep you connected wherever you are, featuring Windows Phone 7, Windows 7, Office, Communicator, Xbox Live and Outlook
  • Home – connect your home office and entertainment systems, featuring Windows 7, Office Suite, Sharepoint, Outlook, Windows Live, IE8, Windows Server 2008 R2, Xbox 360, Kinect, Xbox Live
Tech•Ed Party


Thursday, 26 August | 6.30pm – 10.30pm | Throughout the Conference Centre
Join us for one massive night-in to finish up your Tech•Ed 2010 experience! Covering all of the essentials of any good house party, you will be able to hang out in the lounge (Xbox games), check out the home theatre (comedy short films), get up to mischief in the rumpus room (laser tag and arcade games) and even enjoy the great outdoors in our very own backyard (backyard cricket anyone?)


As you can see, it’s gonna be a fun time for sure. Kinect will be there :)

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Share House Competition has 2 weeks to go!!!!


If you haven’t heard of this competition yet, what rock have you been hiding under??? Admittedly I haven’t blogged about it until now, but if you’re a Griffith uni student you should have been able to access the many posters/handouts and talks I’ve presented on the subject.


So for those who are wondering what to do, here’s the email that has been sent around and around and around (the uni at least :) ) Basically, you have to promote Windows 7, the bigger the bolder the better. Go Nuts!!!!




Here’s the website (http://www.facebook.com/TheStudentHouse) go sign up and be part of fun. The weekly winners have managed to win themselves laptops, smart phones first winner got sky diving, second winner got how to fly a plane. As you can see the prizes are worth the effort. So head on out there and have some fun promoting Windows 7.


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IE 9 Test drive

Tech Testing

You know when Mix starts up, things change in the IT world, things change pretty impressive. Yesterday it was XNA 4, Silverlight 4 for the windows phone series 7, today Internet Explorer 9. This is a test drive so a bunch of things could go pear shape but, you’ve gotta be curious and test out the new things. Get it here:


So what is this preview version, it’s the render engine; that’s basically the core part of the browser which determines how fast items turn up on your screen. So here’s what it looks like upon installation:

imageOkay, so it doesn’t have the reflection, I add that to the images I put on here to make them look better :)  So this initial page leads onto a bunch of test that are designed to show of the capabilities of the render engine, and I must admit now that I have run through all the tests, it’s looking like it has quite a bit of potential. The main reason I decided to have a look is because of a tweet from William Stanek:

“williamstanek For benchmark performance, #IE9 is up to 7X faster than #IE8, approaching speed of #chrome and #opera

imageSpeed improvement, its always, all about speed. Especially now days. Windows 7 brought a lot of speed to the desktop, IE 9 is catching up on the speed of the other browsers, this is quite a good thing. Personally, I’m going to test IE 9 engine on facebook, let’s face facts if it can handle facebook with speed, then it’s a major improvement. Just quickly about it, some issues with flash inside of Facebook, but wow did my homepage for facebook render quickly. Rendering through photos was pretty impressive too. I like it, it shows that IE 9 is going to be quite good. Bing flies with IE 9, the image cache was filled really well and the video rendering was awesome.

I know its only a preview, but I certainly hope it stays that fast. At this point in time, it is a lot faster than my version of Firefox. Now if only they can put in an ad blocker by default.

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